Golf Trip to Lancaster Pa

Monday September 17th thru Thursday September 20th, 2018


Directions to and from Lansdale Interchange


Be sure to add your travel time from your location to the turnpike entrance.

Example: Doylestown = 0:40 Min., Quakertown 0:35 Min.,

Warrington 0:35 Min.




Lansdale Interchange to Brickerville Rest. to Iron Valley GC

(Optional stop for Breakfast add :45 Minutes)


1:45 80 Miles

Iron Valley to Comfort Inn North


0:35 18 Miles


Confort Inn to Tanglewood Manor GC


1:00 37 Miles


Comfort Inn to Reading Country Club


0:25 21 Miles



0:50 30.7 Miles


Comfort Inn to Shady Maple Smorgasbord


0:20 13.0 Miles


Comfort Inn to Honeybrook GC


0:35 22 Miles


Honeybrook GC to Lansdale Interchange


1:10 50 Miles